Mittwoch, 2. März 2016

Jerking off with a Splitsling

When I had finished a dressed/undressed photo session I was quite excited and yearned for a relief. Of course, the “undressed” part of the pictures had not been just naked. Instead I had worn a plastic shirt, varnished nails, a prince wand, a splitsling and a pair of clear plastic boots. Except for the prince wand which I had replaced by a ring I was still geared up. I dislike pictures of men in street clothes with their fly open which I perceive as oversexed. I rather like to perform as a sexual being. And that includes adequate clothes. The splitsling tightened my balls and when I started wanking they clapped heavily forth and back. I was curious whether it would be comfortable to jack off. I started my webcam and let it go.

I always liked animated gifs because they get to the point quickly. They focus on the very moment.